• An innovative way of promoting change

We have developed a pioneer methodology of research applied to knowledge transfer for the prevention and care of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, rooted in the belief that every human being has the right to fully participate in all the decisions that affect his or her life.

Following a unique model, we conduct applied research on the socio-cultural reality of FGM/C and its health consequences, and we transfer this knowledge in a culturally respectful way to key social agents for them to be the ones transferring it to the society.

  • We conduct applied research,
    qualitative and quantitative, in
    FGM/C and its health consequences
  • We preserve and respect the
    cultural and social value of the
    practice, promoting an alternative
    rite of passage, "Initiation without
  • We transfer knowledge to local
    authorities, community leaders
    and professionals, empowering them
    to sensitize their communities and
    promote a positive change of behaviour
  • We promote FGM/C abandonment, while
    creating the conditions for women and
    girls suffering its consequences to
    receive quality health care