WASSU-UAB Foundation launches graphic campaign Education for Change #StopFemaleGenitalMutilation

In accordance with the criticism of the lack of professional training and community awareness, FW launches its first campaign with the slogan Education for Change #StopFemaleGenitalMutilation, which will be published in ouur new web environment, as well as in our social media networks.

The campaign has been design by the TBWA agency, with Roger Cano as Creative Director and the photographer Jordi Bernabé in collaboration with FW. In addition to raising awareness among the general population about FGM/C, both professionals sought to change the victimizing focus, moving their gaze to the strength of those who have been empowered through information and have decided to abandon the practice.


For the director of FW, the proposal made by Cano and Bernabé is consistent with the work carried out by the foundation, which has always opted for an educational model in which information is transferred and shared. “The 30 years that we have been working for the abandonment of FGM/C have taught us that imposing its eradication is not the path to real change. We firmly believe that real change is born when people are able to choose, and authentic choices are made when you have information, from a respectful dialogue with the socio-cultural context,” explains Adriana Kaplan.

Education for change