Participation in the European Project “CHAT. Changing Attitude. Fostering Dialogue to Prevent FGM”

Wassu Foundation takes part in the project “CHAT. Changing Attitude. Fostering Dialogue to Prevent FGM” directed by Fondazione l’Albero della Vita and co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union. The aim is to foster dialogue, arise awareness and knowledge on the risks of the practice (FGM) in order to promote a behaviour change in the communities and in the countries of origin. For that purpose, it contributes to a mobilization inside the communities through trainings. It also guides the Corporate Social Responsibility strategies in the European organizations to give support to the prevention of FGM (through an online seminar and a workshop). Moreover, it supports migrants associations to implement co-development actions with a clear impact on the communities of origin. To find more information on the project, the implementing institutions and the activities, please visit: CHAT Against FGM