Introduction of FGM in 3 Universities in Kenya and Tanzania

Wassu-UAB Foundation leads the project on the scaling up of its methodology for the management and prevention of FGM in Kenya and Tanzania, following the agreements and Memorandums of Understanding signed in 2012 with the Universities. In October-November 2015, professors have been trained in FGM in The School of Nursing at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College; The School of Nursing, Medicine and Social Sciences at the University of Dodoma (Tanzania); and in The School of Nursing at Moi University (Kenya). The outcome has been to train and empower professors to teach the topic. The students and future professionals will finalize its grades with knowledge about prevention of FGM and management of its health consequences.

Moi University FGM/C University of Dodoma FGM/C
Moi University -Kenya- University of Dodoma -Tanzania-

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