More technology, less paper: Interactive version of the Multisectoral Academic Training Guide on FGM/C

The current technological context invites us to explore different dissemination platforms and publication formats for academic and scientific products. The members of the MAP-FGM project, in which the Wassu Foundation participated, wanted to take this opportunity to publish an interactive version of the Multisectoral Academic Training guide on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (2017).

This version presents an interface that facilitates navigation through the different chapters, an explanatory video of the FGM/C directed by Pedro Figuereido Neto, and a format that allows faster access to notes, bibliographical references and annexes.

The objective of this publication is transversal to the paper and to the digital: to offer in a structured and accessible way, academic content on FGM/C to future professionals of different university degrees, who could have a key role in the prevention and abandonment of this practice. In this sense, the guide aims to be useful for university teachers, academic authorities, students and professionals.

The multisectoral nature of this publication is given by the participation of authors from different disciplines, with a plurality of perspectives and conceptual approaches, which reflect the abundance of academic debates and the complexity of theoretical and practical dilemmas posed by the abandonment of FGM/C.

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