Jalikebba's Song "I LOVE HER COMPLETE" for Wassu Gambia Kafo

I Love Her Complete, by Jalikebba. For Wassu Gambia Kafo.

"Wassu Kafo Gambia.

Religious reasons for practicing.
Circumcision it’s not an obligation by Islam sunnah
and it’s not written anywhere in the Quran.

People believe that FGM increases fertility,
helps girls to preserve their virginity.
Girls will become spiritually clean and prevent unwanted pregnancy,
but it’s not true.

Traditionally girls are circumcised at age of puberty.
The old women teach them about their culture,
but now babies are circumcised and you cannot teach them anything.

Medically FGM has no health benefits.
It is forbidden by the law in The Gambia.
After all, FGM causes complications like bleeding,
infection, sexual problems in marital houses
and even death due to several bleeding.
It gives problems during delivery and can badly affect the baby.

If you really love her, help keeping her safe, healthy, uncut.
Let’s say no to FGM and promote a future free of FGM.
We can keep our culture.
Initiation without mutilation is possible… Yes it is possible.

Wassu Kafo Gambia".

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