New publication “FGM/C: changes and trends in knowledge, attitudes, and practices among health care professionals in The Gambia”

The article, published in International Journal of Women’s Health explores the tendencies and measures changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices in FGM/C of health care professionals in The Gambia. There has been analyzed data from 1.288 professionals and students of health sciences between 2012 and 2014. The results showed that 76,4% are eager to abandon FGM/C, and 71,6% regard it as a harmful practice with negative consequences on life and health. The findings confirm the progress made with the training of professionals, being able to identify the practice, to be more aware of its health complications and more concerned of their essential role as social agents of change. However, 25,4% embrace the continuation of the practice, 24,4% expressed intention of subjecting their own daughters to it and 10,5% declared to have performed it within their professional praxis, which implies the tendency to the Medicalization of FGM/C.