Participation in the European Project “Multisectoral Training Programme to Prevent and Combat FGM/C”

Wassu Foundation co-coordinates the project together with the Gender Equality Observatory of the Rey Juan Carlos University, co-funded by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to raise awareness, knowledge and skills of future professionals in contact with possible victims of FGM/C in the European Union. Firstly, a pluridisciplinary team – including the participation of Wassu Foundation– has developed a Multisectoral Academic Training Guide (available in 6 languages). On the other hand, 500 students of 5 pilot universities in 4 European countries (Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain) will receive trainings on FGM/C adapted to their studies. Finally, 4 International Seminars will be implemented in the 4 partner countries. To find more information on the project, the implementing institutions and the activities, please visit: MAP FGM