Lourdes Franco, member of the IGPS/HTP, participates in Jornada Hygía: the health of immigrant women in Cáceres

The third edition of the Project Jornada Hygía: the health of immigrant women, performed on June 28th in the House of Women of Cáceres and financed by the Ministry of Health and Social Policies of Extremadura, dealt with various demonstrations of gender-based violence and human rights in immigrant women, and the effects they have on their health.

One such form of violence is female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), which is why Wassu participated in the convocatory through Lourdes Franco, a family doctor and member of the Interdisciplinary Group for Prevention and Study of Traditional Practices Harmful (IGPS/HTP).

According to data from the Extremadura Human Rights Association, the coordinating entity, there are 600 girls at risk of being subjected to FGM in the community. In this regard, Lourdes Franco, explained that "the idea is to do a lot of prevention in families, especially from the primary care teams, which are around the women who have become pregnant in Spain and who will receive the follow up here and who is going to have her daughter in this country".

One positive fact to remember is that in Extremadura, since February of this year, the Protocol for the Prevention of FGM is applied. This is an integral instrument that addresses the problem from social protection, health and education.

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