The Ministry of Employment and Social Security supports the Wassu Foundation in its preventive work on FGM in Spain

In Wassu Foundation we understand that FGM/C is not a problem that only affects the sub-Saharan population in their countries of origin, but today it is a reality that we must also take care of in Spain. The Ministry of Employment and Social Security (MEYSS) decided to support the foundation in the project Prevention of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) in Spain, whose objective is to promote the prevention of FGM/C, the medical attention of its consequences, the improvement of the health conditions of women and girls, in addition to designing materials to contribute to its eradication.

The project addresses to families from countries where FGM/C is practiced, residents in Spain, as well as Primary Care Professionals in health, social work and education, and Public Policy makers.

It is expected that the number of beneficiaries of the program will be 2,050 (1,600 women and 450 men) Primary Care professionals in health, social work and education, who work in the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Andalusia and Balearic Islands.

Professionals participate in training workshops (taught from February to December 2017) where FGM/C is widely contextualized to help understand the complexity of the practice. In a second part, the proposals are presented to address the issue from the preventive intervention and, in a final stage, the training is nourished by the advice of the Foundation's professionals for preventive intervention in the daily work in their offices or services.

Finally, the project also includes the publication of the Map of FGM/C in Spain 2016, scheduled for early October 2017, as well as the Manual for Professionals in Prevention and Care of FGM/C, which will be published by the end of November.