FGM/C training in SEN, Bansang, Central River Region Central River Region (The Gambia) to students of nursery
and midwifery completed

Wassu Gambia Kafo has conducted a training on FMG/C to midwifery students of the school of SEN, Bansang. The aim of this action is to increase the knowledge that future health professionals in The Gambia have over FGM/C, so that they can be aware of the physical and psychological consequences on women. Additionally, strengthen their ability to identify the different types of FGM/C, its sociocultural implications, as well as be able to manage its physical complications before, during and after the delivery. Midwifes have been selected as a key agent for the knowledge transfer in cascade given their importance on the structure of the health services in The Gambia, as well as their ability to disseminate knowledge directly to the population.